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He may be a youngster, but this giraffe isn’t small!

There’s a new baby at the Zoo, but he’s probably already taller than you! Eighteen-year-old giraffe Johari gave birth to a male calf in the early hours of October 19, and he stands tall at six feet.This baby boy is the 12th giraffe born at the Zoo and the fourth consecutive male—there must be something in the water! The as-yet-unnamed giraffe is the ninth calf of mother Johari and, like the other 11, was sired by 20-year-old Rafiki.

As is customary, the newborn underwent a neonatal exam to look at his overall health. He was reported to be in good condition at his checkup on Saturday, October 20. At the time of his exam, the little guy already weighed 158 pounds!

The baby giraffe will remain behind the scenes with Johari for now, but will make his first appearance in Expedition Africa in the coming weeks.

Eight of the Zoo’s nine giraffe belong to the Masai subspecies, which is native to Tanzania and southern Kenya. These giraffe face several significant threats, including habitat loss, poaching and civil unrest. You can help by contributing to the Giraffe Conservation Fund, a partner of the Zoo on the front line of research and protection for these magnificent animals.