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Zookeepers can be a geeky bunch, so it’s only natural that our Zoo has its share of animals named after Star Wars characters. Meet Luke, Yoda, Jaina, Bria and Han Solo!


Luke a ring-tailed lemur

Luke is a pretty common name, so we’re not 100% sure this ring-tailed lemur was named after Luke Skywalker, but we’re going with it regardless. Like the Jedi, lemurs are renowned for their acrobatic abilities; take a gander at Little Madagascar and you may spot these playful primates “flying” between the trees.


Yoda the cheetah

The names of our three youngest cheetahs all hail from a galaxy far, far away. Though this Yoda doesn’t dole out sage advice in backwards sentences, she is quite vocal—cheetahs are known for their chirps, cheeps and hisses.


Jaina the cheetah

You’ll have to dig a bit deeper into Star Wars lore to learn the origin of Jaina‘s moniker. In the retconned “Legends” universe, Jaina Solo was the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia.


Bria the cheetah

Bria was named for another relatively obscure character. A commander in the Rebel Alliance and onetime love interest of Han Solo, Bria Tharen played an integral role in the mission to steal the Death Star plans.


Han Solo the orinoco geese

Han, ma bookie! Fortunately for us, this Han Solo is not frozen in carbonite. Orinoco geese don’t have much in common with everyone’s favorite spacefaring scoundrel—they’re not great flyers and tend to stick with just one mate.

Palpatine the emperor scorpion

You might know Palpatine as The Emperor for the Dark Side, but our little one is just an Emperor Scorpion! He’s the largest of the scorpions but don’t worry, he’s not in charge of any Siths.