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At 10 months of age, Persimmon still has a little growing to do.

Have you met Persimmon? This 10-month-old female white-tailed deer arrived at the Zoo in late November and, after acclimating behind the scenes, can now be seen in Wild Florida! She joins our other fruit-named female, Clementine, who has been at the Zoo since 2008.

Persimmon came to us from a Florida rehabilitation facility, where she was treated for an injury. By the time she made a full recovery, Persimmon had lost some of her natural instincts and was deemed non-releasable for her safety.

White-tailed deer originate in North and South America and can be found right here in Brevard County.

We know that you’ll be excited to meet Persimmon on your next visit to the Zoo, but it’s important to remember that while she is adjusting to her new home, she will not always be visible in the yard. Once Persimmon is comfortable in her new surroundings, she may begin approaching guests at the boardwalk.

Swing by Wild Florida on your next visit to see if you can spot her!