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Michelle with Gus the rainbow lorikeet

Michele with Gus the rainbow lorikeet.

Name: Michele Quinn

Hometown: Port St. John, FL

Education: BS, Psychology/Zoology, University of Florida

Assignment: Lands of Change: Australia and Beyond

On the job since: 2015

Previous experience: Audubon Zoo (2013), Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo (2014–15)

Favorite animals to work with: Sydney the dingo, Victoria the dingo and Marge the island flying fox

Locally sourced: Unlike most of our keepers, who were raised in other parts of the country, Michele grew up right here in Brevard County. As a child, she was a regular visitor to the Zoo, and some of her most treasured family memories originated in the spaces where she works today. These experiences inspired Michele to pursue a career caring for animals.