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Wildfire smoke rising above the treeline

Wildfire smoke rising above the tree line. (Photo courtesy of ALeRT)

Last week, through our Wildlife Emergency Funds (WEF), we sent support to Indonesian-based organization The Alliance of Integrated Forest Conservation (ALeRT) to assist them with fires threatening forest habitats and the lives of their rangers. Our funding has provided fire-safety equipment for firefighters, increased the team to provide intense habitat protection, and to purchase supplies to provide drinkable water for wildlife. It’s thanks to our guests and volunteers that we are able to help fund this project, and several others each year.     

The Brevard Zoo’s WEF offers reputable non-profit conservation and research organizations across the globe emergency funding to address urgent and time-sensitive threats to wildlife. This one-time donation of up to $2,500 helps animals affected by natural or man-made disasters.  

Wildfire in Indonesia.

Wildfires have threatened forest habitats and ALeRT rangers. (Photo courtesy of ALeRT)

Past organizations who received money from our fund include the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) to help combat an outbreak of avian flu in African penguins undergoing rehabilitation in Cape Town, and the Mkomazi National Park to replace an electric fence energizer that was destroyed during a natural disaster. The fence is integral in preventing predators and poachers from accessing black rhinos and other species. 

The WEF is funded by the sale of collectible animal buttons, which are created by our volunteers. You can purchase a button or two for yourself at the gift shop and other locations throughout the Zoo.   

Brevard Zoo is an independent, not-for-profit organization that receives no recurring government funding for our operating costs. Your generous support enables us to continue to serve our community and continue our vital animal wellness, education and conservation programs.