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Two lion brothers

We can’t wait to give our lions a new home at the Zoo.

Each year, attendees of our Safari Under the Stars gala have the opportunity to rally around a specific Zoo need as part of the Give From the Heart appeal. In the past, these projects have included establishing a breeding space for endangered Florida grasshopper sparrows, installing cameras in our animal habitats and, most recently, purchasing and replacing scales to weigh our Zoo residents.

This year, we’re asking for your help to bring our lion pride “home” as we create a giant, permanent space for this species in Expedition Africa.

This “roar-some” project is fit for not just one king, but three. Lion brothers Chobe, Karoo and Ruaha arrived at the Zoo in 2022 and have been living in a temporary, custom-fit habitat in our Wild Florida loop. While they are receiving nothing short of top-notch care in this space, we had always planned to build a more extensive, permanent lion habitat in our Expedition Africa loop that would be fit for a lion pride.

Our Expedition Africa loop is undergoing a massive renovation which will include their new home. This spacious, open-air 15,150-square-foot sanctuary will feature lush vegetation, multilevel climbing platforms, coquina boulders, a temperature-controlled “chill pad” and a training station to encourage our lions to express their full range of natural behaviors and thrive.

This new habitat will more than double their current one in size and give our lions endless opportunities to explore. Cooling rocks will have a system of water running through them that the lions can lay on as they wish to beat the heat on those hot Florida days. Director of Animal Programs Lauren Hinson notes that we hope to be able to add even more enriching items in this space such as larger logs, perching and foliage.

In addition, this permanent space will offer amazing viewing opportunities for you and support our participation in the AZA’s African Lion Species Survival Plan, paving the way for lion cubs in the future. This is where we need your help!

Bringing our lion pride “home” to Expedition Africa will help us ensure that future generations have the same opportunity to experience the majesty of these iconic cats. If you’d like to help us create this incredible space, click here to make a contribution.

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