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Give From the Heart: Bringing Our Lions Home

Through our Give From the Heart appeal this year, we’re asking for your help to bring our lion pride “home” to Expedition Africa as we create a giant, permanent space for this species in Expedition Africa.

Expedition Africa at Brevard Zoo

Updates in Expedition Africa

Our Expedition Africa loop will soon be undergoing a massive makeover to make it even better – and feature our lion brothers! Due to this construction project, the majority of the area will be closed in May 2023.

Keepers training lions

How to Train a Lion

Animal care staff work with lion brothers Chobe, Ruaha and Karoo on special training every day to further their wellbeing.

Lion sitting on perch looking at camera

Checking In With Our Lions

This World Lion Day, we’re checking in with our trio of majestic felines!

Lions on habitat

How to Move a Lion

Bringing lions to Brevard Zoo required the time, resources and cooperation of both our Zoo team as well as Naples Zoo, the facility that cared for the boys from birth. Read on to learn all about the work that went into bringing them to our Zoo.

Getting Ready for Lions

Bringing in a new species, especially one as complex as lions, is not easy. Our Zoo staff worked hard to build a habitat that encouraged their natural behaviors while also keeping the lions and their animal care team safe.  

Three lion boys from Naples Zoo

Welcoming Lions to Brevard Zoo

The three lion brothers have arrived! Our animal care team is working hard to ensure the trio’s comfort. If all continues to go well, they will officially be visible to the public on Sunday, May 1 in their habitat in our Wild Florida loop.

Four female lions drink from a river.

Helping People and Lions Co-Exist

Partnering with Lion Landscapes allows us to help lions in their natural range while also following our mission to share our joy of nature to help wildlife and people thrive.