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Planeta Oceano is one of our latest Quarters for Conservation projects. They help endangered giant manta rays in Peru.
(Joost van Uffelen)

Every time you visit Brevard Zoo, your visit can help animals and people across the globe through our Quarters for Conservation program! Twenty-five cents of each daily ticket and $5 from each membership purchased go toward one of our featured conservation organizations. You can also “vote” for certain highlighted groups at our kiosk – giving them the chance to receive extra funding!  

These organizations are chosen based on a variety of criteria. We strive to select organizations that reflect our mission of sharing our joy of nature to help wildlife and people thrive. Earlier this year, we highlighted three such organizations: ICAS – Wild Animal Conservation Institute, International Rhino Foundation and Sumatran Ranger Project  

We have a second group of organizations that will be receiving your support through the last half of the year:   


A bluespotted fantail ray

A bluespotted fantail ray, one of the species helped by A Rocha Kenya. (Taeniura lymma)

Planeta Oceano: To help endangered giant manta rays in northern Peru, Planeta Oceano works with local coastal communities to increase their participation in marine research, education, environmental leadership. By doing so, they hope to reduce manta bycatch and reactivate community-based ecotourism.  

A Rocha: Protecting sharks, rays and guitarfish from overfishing in Kenya, A Rocha works with eight local fisherman groups to provide them with information, training them on data collection of the target species, and putting pressure on legislation for better protections. 

In addition to receiving $12,000 each for their critical programs, these organizations will also receive a “bonus” courtesy of your votes! You can vote for one of these three organizations to receive extra funding until December 2023. To place your vote, visit our new station near the gift shop at the front of the Zoo. Thank you for supporting our Zoo and fellow conservation organizations around the world! 

Brevard Zoo is an independent, not-for-profit organization that receives no recurring government funding for our operating costs. Your generous support enables us to continue to serve our community and continue our vital animal wellness, education and conservation programs.