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African wild dog

Q4C Spotlight: African Wildlife Conservation Fund

African Wildlife Conservation Fund—one of your Q4C choices this summer—works to increase the population of endangered African wild dogs.

Two female lions

Q4C Spotlight: African People & Wildlife

This summer, you can cast your vote for African People & Wildlife—an organization that aims to protect lions, leopards and cheetahs in northern Tanzania.

African lion

We’re Building a Home for Lions

See how we’re working to ensure a future for these magnificent cats in human care and the wilds of Africa alike.

An African wild dog

“Meet” Our Summer 2019 Quarters for Conservation Projects

This summer, your vote will go toward protecting big cats, safeguarding wild dogs or building wildlife corridors.

Javan slow loris

Q4C Spotlight: Little Fireface Project

You can give your vote to Little Fireface Project to help prevent the extinction of the critically endangered Javan slow loris.

Nubian flapshell turtle

Q4C Spotlight: Institute for Development, Ecology, Conservation & Cooperation

One of our current Quarters for Conservation partners aims to protect the critically endangered Nubian flapshell turtle.

wrinkled hornbill

Meet the Most Endangered Species at the Zoo

Maybe one day, if we all do our part, we won’t need an Endangered Species Day. 

Madagascar pochard duck in pond

Q4C Spotlight: Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Learn how this conservation organization is protecting the rare Madagascar pochard duck.