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Red ruffed lemur

All About Lemurs on World Lemur Day

This World Lemur Day, we’re giving you a closer look at how we support these incredible primates!


An Update from the Field: International Otter Survival Fund

2019 Quarters for Conservation recipient International Otter Survival Fund was able to conduct educational training workshops and clubs all around the world, thanks in part to our funding!

Net removal

An Update from the Field: Reef Check Malaysia

One of our 2020 Quarters for Conservation partners, Reef Check Malaysia, is doing great work to manage coral reefs!

An Update from the Field: Iyondji Community Bonobo Reserve

Last year, we sent funding to help bonobos in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the organization we donated to recently updated us on all of the great work they’re doing!

Coral reef underwater

Quarters for Conservation Is Getting a Facelift

The Zoo’s initiative that allows guests to vote on conservation projects, Quarters for Conservation, is transforming in the new year.

black rhinos

Q4C Spotlight: Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust

This fall, cast your vote for Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, an organization dedicated to helping increase the black rhino population in Zimbabwe.


Q4C Spotlight: Okapi Conservation Project

This fall, one of your Q4C choices is Okapi Conservation Project, which works to monitor okapi in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Two elephants

Q4C Spotlight: Elephant Connection Research Project

Learn more about the work that Q4C project Elephant Connection Research Project does to help save diminishing giraffe and elephant populations!