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A woman holds a potted mature mangrove.

We will be giving away 150 mangroves in honor of the 150th anniversary of Arbor Day!

Celebrate Arbor Day by adopting a free mangrove from us! We’re giving away 150 total mangroves – both mature and juvenile – in honor of the 150th anniversary of Arbor Day.

“Trees and plants are so important for keeping any ecosystem healthy,” said Jessica Lang, a conservation specialist. “Reestablishing mangroves in Brevard County is essential to restoring health of the Indian River Lagoon.”

Future mangrove gardeners will be able to pick up their mangroves from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. on April 29 in the Zoo’s parking lot at 8225 N. Wickham Road in Melbourne. There are a limited number of mangroves, so we ask you to reserve your trees via the Restore Our Shores website.

A mature mangrove and a juvenile mangrove sit together on a table in pots.

Mature mangroves (left) will be available for lagoon-front homeowners to plant, while juvenile mangroves (right) will be available to gardeners to care for.

We do ask that only lagoon-front homeowners pick up a free, mature red mangrove. By picking up these mature plants, you agree to plant the mangrove on your property.

“By planting mature mangroves, lagoon-front homeowners will be helping the Indian River Lagoon,” Lang said. “Mangroves provide habitat to many animals, help prevent erosion, and filter nutrients from the lagoon; improving water quality.”

For non-lagoon-front homeowners who still want to help the lagoon, juvenile red mangroves will be available to “adopt” as well! You can raise the juvenile red mangrove at home and then bring it back to the Zoo. We’ll use the more mature mangrove for future lagoon restoration projects. Your juvenile mangroves must stay in a pot, but you can re-pot the mangrove as it gets bigger.

For more information on this giveaway, please visit our Restore Our Shores website!

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