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Babirusa Piggy and her piglets in behind-the-scenes barn

Piggy and her piglets!

Oh bab(ies)! We are so excited to welcome not one, but two north Sulawesi babirusa piglets to the Zoo! The offspring were born to 6-year-old Piggy on May 18. Although we are unsure of their sexes at this time, animal care staff note that both babies appear healthy and alert.

The as-yet-unnamed piglets were sired by 6-year-old male Meru. The twins are the second and third offspring born to Meru and Piggy. Back in August of 2018, the pair welcomed male Java, who lived with us until January of this year, when he was transferred to another facility so that his parents could have the opportunity to breed again.

While every Zoo birth is celebrated, this one is extra special for us as these two piglets add to the population of this vulnerable species. North Sulawesi babirusas, found in forests on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, are deemed vulnerable to extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature due to habitat loss and human hunting.

The baby babirusas are currently living behind the scenes with Piggy as they continue to grow, nurse and bond with mom. Eventually, they will be out in the babirusa yard in Lands of Change for you to see. Stay up to date on their progress by following us on social media!

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