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We can bear-ly contain our excitement!

We know many of you are anxious to meet our rescued bear and we’re eager to give you the opportunity to do so! We can’t share the exact date of her debut, but it will take place in the next couple of weeks.

Earlier this month, the bear moved from her behind-the-scenes home to the night house (or “bedroom”) of the newly finished habitat. She remained in the night house for a few days to acclimate and is now exploring the main yard for a few hours each day. The keepers have had lots of fun watching her climb trees, forage for food and roll in the grass.

This area is currently obscured by tarps to give the bear some privacy while she adjusts to her surroundings. We will not remove the tarps until we’re confident she’s ready for the sights, sounds and smells of Zoo guests, and she will still have places to hide in if she feels overwhelmed.

Thank you for bear-ing with us. Once you see this beautiful, well-adjusted animal in person, you’ll realize it was paws-itively worth the wait! Make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.