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Two male lions

Did you know that lions are the only cats that live in groups, which are called “prides”?

Disney’s The Lion King was first released in theaters 25 years ago. Since then, we have lost half of Africa’s lion population to habitat loss, the bushmeat trade, trophy hunting and retaliatory killing stemming from human-lion conflict.

To celebrate the debut of the Lion King remake, the Walt Disney Company—in conjunction with Lion Recovery Fund (LRF) and Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA)—has launched a global campaign called Protect the Pride that aims to double the number of lions in their natural range by 2050.

Through our Quarters for Conservation (Q4C) initiative, we’ve donated more than $70,000 to big cat conservation in the past decade. We’re proud to announce that we’re taking the next step by supporting AZA’s lion Species Survival Plan and building a home for these magnificent cats at the Zoo, where they will be safe from the threats facing their counterparts in Africa and help ensure a future for lions in human care. This habitat, which will be located in a yet-to-be-determined area of Expedition Africa, is on track for completion in 2021.

You can do your part by “voting” for African People & Wildlife’s Northern Tanzania Big Cats Conservation Initiative at the Q4C kiosk this summer, donating to Lion Recovery Fund or just spreading the word about the plight of lions.