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hornbill chick

The chick was in the nest box for 72 days!

After a long wait, Morticia and Gomez’s newest chick finally fledged from the nest box yesterday morning!

This little wrinkled hornbill, who has not yet been named or sexed, hatched back on March 28 after Morticia used a mix of fruit, feathers and feces to seal herself in the nest box designed to emulate the type of tree cavity hornbills use as nests in their natural range.

A second chick that hatched in April unfortunately did not make it, but we are pleased to report that the surviving chick appears to be thriving.

Native to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, the wrinkled hornbill is considered endangered due to habitat loss. Morticia and Gomez have made an incredible contribution to the Wrinkled Hornbill Species Survival Plan—which consists of roughly 45 individuals in the United States and Canada—by raising six chicks together since 2007.