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Group of tortoises being hoarded in home

Just a few of the tortoises found in the home.

Earlier this month, authorities rescued about 10,000 critically endangered radiated tortoises from a home in Madagascar. They were kept without food or water, and those lucky enough to survive were likely destined to end up in the pet trade.

The tortoises were brought to Le Village Des Tortues, a rehabilitation center in the village of Ifaty. Since the confiscation, 15 professionals from zoos, aquariums and other animal care institutions around the world have arrived in Madagascar to lend their expertise.

Our veterinary technician Beth heard about the rescue operation through her professional network. Devastated, she reached out to the conservation department to see if the Zoo could provide assistance.


Vet tech Beth with Rako, our radiated tortoise

Beth with Rako, our resident radiated tortoise.

Through the Wildlife Emergency Fund, which is financed by the collectible animal buttons sold by volunteers throughout the Zoo, we were able to send some money to Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) for veterinary supplies, pen construction, transportation, food for the tortoises and other related expenses.

You can help these tortoises recover by making a donation to TSA or simply spreading the word among friends and family. Keep buying those buttons so we can help save even more animals in the future!