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bear with ball

A constant stream of enrichment items keeps the bear happy and healthy.

When we announced we were building a home for rescued bears last fall, the excitement in our community was palpable. More than a year of planning and construction has finally paid off, and we are happy to say that our first bear is now ready to “meet” you!

This two-year-old female, who does not yet have a name, came from the Tallahassee area. Believing the bear looked too skinny, a local woman began leaving dog food and water out in her yard. The bear became accustomed to this food source and was no longer able to care for herself without depending on people.

When Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission became aware of the situation, they removed the bear to prevent a tragic incident from occurring. Had she not found a permanent home in professional care, the bear would have been euthanized.

Though she is our only bear right now, we can accommodate an additional two to three individuals if the need arises. This space was designed with animal wellness in mind and features pools, trees, boulders and other elements that encourage natural behavior. Plans call for automated feeders and a “wobble tree” to be installed in the near future.

We invite you to see this majestic animal in person, and learn about the past, present and future of Florida black bears—and how you can keep them safe by being “bear aware”!