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Brazilian whiteknee tarantula

An adult Brazilian whiteknee tarantula is known for its massive size, but this spiderling is just the size of a quarter!

We know it’s not Halloween yet, but we just couldn’t wait to introduce these itsy-bitsy spiders! After being confiscated from an importer by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), four baby Brazilian whiteknee tarantulas and four baby Brazilian salmon pink bird-eating tarantulas were brought to us earlier this month.

Only about the size of a quarter, these creepy-crawlies are anything but! In fact, we hope to use these animals to demonstrate the importance of spiders to our ecosystem and the impacts of wildlife trafficking. These particular arachnids came through Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, which took in a whopping 250 tarantulas from USWFS! Because Brazil does not permit the export of these fully grown spiders, it is assumed that the spiderlings were bred from illegally wild-caught adult tarantulas.

When Rainforest Revealed opens later this year, you will have the opportunity to see these tarantulas first-hand during keeper chats! Until then, these spiderlings will weave their webs behind the scenes.

These little guys won’t stay small forever. While the colorful Brazilian whiteknee tarantula can reach a leg-span of eight and a half inches, the Brazilian salmon pink bird-eating tarantula is among the largest in the world—reaching a leg-span of 11 inches!

Make sure to visit Rainforest Revealed in the future to see these arachnids in action!