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Three Restore Our Shores staff members look at the site of Brevard Zoo's future aquarium

Evaluating Our Aquarium Site for Future Restoration Projects

As we continue fundraising for our future Aquarium, our staff is hard at work creating and finalizing plans for the aquarium and surrounding property. Our Conservation team recently made a trip to the site to get some headway on their own plans.  

man facing tank

The Aquarium Project: 2019 in Review

This was the year our community set plans in motion for a world-class aquarium and conservation center at Port Canaveral.

Octopus on white background

The Aquarium Project: World Octopus Day

Today is World Octopus Day. These invertebrates are even more interesting than they look!

Girl and fish

The Aquarium Project: Designing a Space for All

Last week, we met with specialized groups to ensure the aquarium and conservation center will serve our community effectively and tell the right stories.

father son watching fish

The Aquarium Project: Measuring Economic Impact

According to an independent report, the project would bring hundreds of jobs and tens of millions of dollars into Brevard County.

Strategic Doing_Turtle preview

The Aquarium Project: Strategic Doing

The Aquarium Project is off to a running (or shall we say swimming?) start!