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A woman holds a green sea turtle

Saying goodbye to Reptar!

We wished juvenile green sea turtle Reptar well as we sent him back to the ocean on World Sea Turtle Day, June 16, 2022! 

Reptar was found stranded in Port Canaveral in October 2021. Thanks to the Sea Turtle Preservation Society, Reptar was brought to our Sea Turtle Healing Center.  

Reptar the green sea turtle

Reptar’s initial intake photo.

Reptar came to us severely emaciated, dehydrated and covered in algae and leech eggs. This turtle also began to grow small fibropapillomas, which were quickly removed. Despite their rough shape, this sea turtle had a lot of spunk and even began eating during their first night at the Healing Center.  

Reptar has an old, healed carapace (top shell) fracture, which left them with damage to the left scapula. They received a CT scan at Rockledge Regional Medical Center to get a better look at the carapace damage.  

A woman holds a green sea turtle

The moment before we sent Reptar home!

While this old injury has affected Reptar’s appearance, good food and a steady course of treatments from our Healing Center helped get this turtle ready to return to the water!  

Reptar joined fellow green sea turtle Venus in a double release at Howard E. Futch Memorial Park at Paradise Beach. Bon voyage, Reptar! 

Have you found a sea turtle that needs help? Visit this page or call the Sea Turtle Preservation Society at 321-206-0646.

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