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Antonio the Baird's tapir

Antonio’s nose is similar to an elephant’s trunk!

Remember Mia, the one-year-old Baird’s tapir who we introduced you to back in July? She has a future mate in three-year-old Antonio, who arrived earlier this month from Houston Zoo.

Antonio, also a Baird’s tapir, came to us on an Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan recommendation to be paired with Mia.

Both tapirs are currently living in separate behind-the-scenes areas and will be carefully introduced to each other after Rainforest Revealed construction is complete. Twenty-six-year-old female Josie will likely remain on her own.

Keepers say that Antonio is responding well to training and settling nicely into his temporary home. He is being fed a grain diet along with fresh produce and alfalfa hay, and enjoys special treats like apples and bananas during training sessions.

The Baird’s tapir is considered endangered and all tapir species are threatened due to habitat loss and hunting pressure. We’ve supported tapir conservation since 2002, helping organizations like Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative carry out research on these fascinating species.