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Baron's racer close up

Baron’s racers are known for their bright color and prominent snout.

In anticipation of the opening of the snake habitats in Rainforest Revealed, we have welcomed several slithering species to the Zoo!

Earlier this month, we received one male and one female five-year-old Baron’s racer from San Francisco Zoo. This venomous species is known to be most active during the day, and keepers say our pair is very curious and charismatic.


Tiger rat snake

You’ll see this tiger rat snake—among others—in Rainforest Revealed.

We have also acquired emerald tree boas, Amazon puffing snakes and tiger rat snakes. These reptiles are currently living in a behind-the-scenes, temperature-controlled area of the Zoo.

Stay tuned to learn what else you can look forward to seeing in Rainforest Revealed—including more snakes!