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Golfoducean poison dart frog

These little guys are ready to hop right into their new home!

Some colorful critters will be hopping into Rainforest Revealed when it opens shortly! Thirteen Golfodulcean poison dart frogs (named for the Golfo Dulce region of Costa Rica to which they are native) came to us from Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY, and we are expecting more frogs to arrive in the near future.

These frogs are currently living in a temperature-controlled, behind-the-scenes area of the Zoo. When Rainforest Revealed opens, they will join eyelash vipers, bushmasters, Baron’s racers and more in a glass-fronted habitat that you will have to see to believe!

Weighing under one ounce, these frogs can be recognized by the gold, red or orange-colored stripes across its body. Other species of poison dart frogs may be a combination of yellow, red, green, blue or black in coloring.

While their elaborate hues serve to ward off potential predators, these unique colors also make poison dart frogs highly sought-after pets. Overcollection for the wildlife trade and habitat fragmentation are pushing these frogs toward extinction. If you have the desire to own a frog as a pet, be sure it was not captured from the wild.

Stay tuned for more announcements of animals you can look forward to meeting when Rainforest Revealed opens!