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eyelash viper

How does your mascara compare?

Seven eyelash vipers have arrived and are almost ready to slither into Rainforest Revealed! These striking—both figuratively and literally—snakes will inhabit a glass-fronted exhibit that will immerse you in the world of venomous snakes, poison dart frogs and more.

An adult female came to us from Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, while six young snakes—all related—recently arrived from Zoo Miami. They are all living in a behind-the-scenes, temperature-controlled area of the Zoo.

The eyelash viper is one of the smallest venomous snakes in Central America, growing to an average length of two feet. They can be easily recognized by their triangular head and bristly scales above the eyes. Though yellow is the most common color morph, they may be combinations of green, orange brown or even pink!

This snake typically attacks its prey quickly, injects a venom that targets the heart and brain, and then waits for the prey to die. Like most venomous snakes, the eyelash viper is unlikely to bite humans unless harassed.

Rainforest Revealed is opening soon! Stay tuned for more animal announcements for the Latin American-themed section of the Zoo.