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roseate spoonbill

A roseate spoonbill struts his stuff.

Fifteen scarlet ibis, three roseate spoonbills, two red-legged seriemas, two Orinoco geese and one black-bellied whistling duck are stretching their wings in their spacious new home. They’re the first residents of the 20-foot-tall, 4,000-square-foot aviary in the heart of Rainforest Revealed.

These birds, which previously lived elsewhere in the Zoo, will be joined by capybaras, free-flying macaws, fulvous whistling ducks and other charismatic rainforest dwellers in the coming weeks and months. Construction will soon begin on a drawbridge that will enable our keepers to shift the capybaras, tapirs and anteaters in and out of the massive aviary, enriching the animals’ quality of life by exposing them to new sights and smells.

Rainforest Revealed is now open, so be sure to stop by during your next Zoo visit. We appreciate your patience as we put the finishing touches on this transformative new exhibit!