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Two black rhinos

Zimbabwe’s black rhinos need our help!

Our Quarters for Conservation (Q4C) initiative, which gives you the opportunity to “vote” for a conservation project on each visit to the Zoo, highlights three unique programs every three months. This fall, one of your choices is Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust (VFWT).

Zimbabwe is home to approximately 350 black rhinos—10% of the remaining wild population. VFWT assists Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to increase the population by five percent annually by collecting tissue, hair and blood samples to monitor the health of the country’s rhinos; and banking DNA to maximize genetic diversity inside smaller populations.

VFWT also helps dehorn rhinos to prevent poaching; microchip and ear-notch the animals to identify individuals and their location; and remove snares to help protect the population.

To cast your vote for VFWT, visit the Zoo and drop your token into the corresponding Q4C box! Visit our blog for spotlights on this cycle’s other unique conservation projects.