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Peach the fallow deer stands in her habitat.

Meet Peach the fallow deer in our Wild Florida loop!

See if you can “spot” a new deer resident in our Wild Florida loop! Named “Peach” by her keepers, the 3-month-old fallow deer will be easy to identify even as she heads into adulthood. Fallow deer like Peach actually keep their spotted coat throughout their lives!

Two deer sniff noses

Plum the white-tailed deer meets Peach!

Peach now shares a home with our white-tailed deer Plum and Persimmon along with our Osceola turkey flock.

Our Zoo is a home for deer who can’t be released back to their natural habitat. Peach was found without her mother by a community member in the Fort Pierce area. They raised Peach for a while before she was confiscated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and placed in a licensed rehabilitation facility.

Fallow deer are not native to Florida, so we stepped in to give her a permanent home. This species originates from Europe, but fallow deer were introduced to a number of countries, including the United States. This species is considered invasive as they compete with native species like white-tailed deer for food.

Peach the fallow deer stands in her habitat.While we’re happy to give Peach a home and our resident deer a new habitat-member, we want to remind everyone that vulnerable wildlife is trafficked every day around the world – even right here in Florida – for the illegal pet trade. Before you select a pet, be sure to understand where the pet came from and never take an animal from its natural home. If you don’t know where the pet came from, find another source to ensure we work together to stop the illegal pet trade of the animals we all love.

Be sure to say hi to Peach and the rest of our “herd” in their Wild Florida habitat across from our lions! Feeding stations are placed along the perimeter of their habitat if you’d like to offer them a snack.

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