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Our Life Support Systems team works in our Rainforest Revealed pumphouse.

All aquatic systems at our Zoo are overseen by our two-person Life Support Systems (LSS) team! They operate, maintain, and repair the systems that do everything from filter water in our Rainforest Revealed aquarium to pump water into our Indian River Play Lagoon. This small team covers A LOT of territory!

Our LSS team inspects a tank.Their work ensures all our animals, from our aquatic dwellers like our Southern and Atlantic stingrays to our water-lovers like our giant otters, have safe water to live in or enjoy. In addition to making sure our life support systems are working properly, this team also interprets water chemistry reports and results to make recommendations for corrections.

“The challenge is working for a Zoo that strives to be the best and still accomplishing that with more limited resources than some other larger institutions,” said Jeremy Bray, the manager of Life Support Operations. “Harnessing you’re inner MacGyver is what the LSS team thrives off of.”

One particularly proud moment for Jeremy and his Life Support Operator Patrick Cole was safely transporting our arapaima from a Tennessee zoo to their new home in our own Rainforest Revealed aquarium.

“Within 34 hours, we had returned with the showpieces of that aquarium,” Jeremy said.

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