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Those luscious locks are worth protecting.



It’s summertime! That means sand, sun and three new Quarters for Conservation (Q4C) projects to vote on. For the next three months, your vote will support a project of your choice: protecting big cats, safeguarding wild dogs or restoring Sumatran wildlife.



African People & Wildlife’s Northern Tanzania Big Cats Conservation Initiative is helping to protect one of the last remaining strongholds for lions, cheetahs and leopards. It will use its Q4C grant to support local big cat champions and install “living walls”—fortified corrals that keep livestock safe from big carnivores and keep lions out of the way of would-be poachers.

With just 6,600 African wild dogs left, this endangered species is in dire need of help. African Wildlife Conservation Fund works to safeguard a critical population of wild dogs in Zimbabwe. This organization will use its funds to proactively tackle the major threats to this highly social and intelligent species, such as snares, disease and habitat loss.

Unfortunately, the third organization we had chosen for this cycle recently dissolved. While we search for an alternate, we are collecting donations to support the implementation of wildlife corridors—“highways” connecting undeveloped spaces that allow wild animals to travel throughout more of their range. The grantee we ultimately select will be another fiscally responsible organization with a successful track record.



Your admission to the Zoo already helps these projects—25 cents from each admission (and five dollars from each membership purchased) goes towards Quarters for Conservation. On every visit to the Zoo, you’ll receive a “quarter” token to use to cast your vote for whichever conservation project most inspires you. If you’re extra passionate about any of the projects, feel free to drop in “real” quarters or dollar bills! Together, our small corner of the world can help make a large impact on conservation everywhere.