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Madagascar pochard duck in pond

Your visit to the Zoo can help ensure the conservation of this rare duck goes swimmingly!



You know what they say: April showers bring… three new Quarters for Conservation (Q4C) projects to vote on! For the next three months, your vote will help protect a species of your choice: ducks in Madagascar, turtles in South Sudan or slow lorises in Indonesia.



The world’s rarest duck needs our help. Just 25 Madagascar pochards survive on a single lake in the African country. Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is dedicated to working with local communities to restore Lake Sofia and release 32 pochards that were bred in human care onto a managed lake. The Trust will also use their funds to study the ducks’ behavior and learn more about their needs in order to return more of these magnificent birds to their natural range.

The Institute for Development, Ecology, Conservation & Cooperation (IDECC) is an organization dedicated to saving the critically endangered Nubian flapshell turtle from total extinction. This species was just rediscovered in South Sudan in 2017. IDECC will use its Q4C funds to conduct research on this turtle species, bring awareness to local communities and encourage the protection of this exceedingly rare turtle.

The Javan slow loris is as critically endangered as it is cute. The species faces two main problems: lack of a suitable place to live, and its appearance leading to capture and trade as pets in Indonesia. The Little Fireface Project aims to solve both of those issues by understanding these interesting creatures and preventing wildlife trafficking on the island of Java.



Your admission to the Zoo already helps these projects—25 cents from each admission (and five dollars from each membership purchased) goes towards Quarters for Conservation. On every visit to the Zoo, you’ll receive a “quarter” token to use to cast your vote for whichever conservation project most inspires you. If you’re extra passionate about any of the projects, feel free to drop in “real” quarters or dollar bills! Together, our small corner of the world can help make a large impact on conservation everywhere.