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Daryll the emu

His unique hairstyle gives Daryll a recognizable look for guests!

He might not have a Napoleon Dynamite character name, but Daryll the 29-year-old emu is now a welcomed member of our emu mob. He joins 27-year-old emu Pedro and 10-year-old emu Lafawnduh in the Kangaroo Walkabout within our Lands of Change: Australia and Beyond area.

Daryll came to us from Palm Beach Zoo on December 21 after Animal Registrar Sebastian and Lands of Change Supervisor Kristen drove to pick him up from West Palm Beach earlier that morning. Although his arrival is not a specific breeding recommendation, we are hopeful that bringing in Daryll will give our female emu, Lafawnduh, another male option that she might bond with better.

“Lafawnduh gets along well with Pedro, but she does exhibit some stereotypical behavior that we think could be related to not syncing up with him,” said Lauren Hinson, the Zoo’s director of animal programs. “Daryll is a little older and calm, and we think he could potentially be a good match for her.”

Per our veterinary staff, Daryll did not need to undergo quarantine upon his arrival but did need to provide a clean fecal sample to enter his new home. For the first few days after his arrival, Pedro and Lafawnduh resided in the side yard of the habitat to give Daryll the opportunity to explore his new home and meet his new roommates, including a slew of kangaroos, a muntjac and an African spurred tortoise.

Daryll wasted no time in settling into the Kangaroo Walkabout. “He is very curious and spent time calmly exploring his new home and new friends” said Kristen. “On his first night with us, Daryll made himself right at home and went to bed on a big pile of leaves!”

On December 26, animal care staff watched carefully as Daryll was introduced to Pedro and Lafawnduh in the Kangaroo Walkabout. Introductions went well, and the three can now be spotted together in their habitat! According to keepers, you can spot Daryll from the rest of our emu mob by his distinct hairdo.

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