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John (left) and Jack (right) will make great (and cute) additions to any household!

Cats Jack and John are looking for new homes after being Zoo residents for the past four months. The two felines have been on loan through a partnership with Brevard Humane Society  and have been living it up in their own catio as part of Butterflies and the Magic of Nature.

When the exhibit ends on Sunday, September 30, Jack and John will be available for adoption. The cats, both males, have personalities of their own that would make a great addition to any household!

Jack is a young grey and white cat who enjoys cuddling once he gets to know you. Though he is usually laid-back, he can be feisty when he is in a playful mood. Jack likes finding a good spot to curl up in and can often be found napping in the Adirondack chair. He is litter box trained and gets along well with his brother, John.

John is a young solid black cat who is very playful. He is full of energy and loves to chase and “hunt” his toys. John is a great climber and enjoys spending time watching birds and butterflies safely from his catio. He is also litter box trained and gets along well with his brother, Jack.

Stop by Butterflies and the Magic of Nature to see Jack and John in action or contact Lorna at Brevard Humane Society at 321-636-3343, ext. 215 to inquire about their adoption!