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The newborn is safe and secure in Chuckie’s care.

We are excited to announce that there is a new addition to the Zoo family! On the morning of Sunday, January 6, a white-faced saki was born to 14-year-old Chuckie.

The infant was found on their mother and will continue to hang onto her, or other relatives, until they become independent at around six months of age. Twenty-six-year-old Yuki has fathered all of Chuckie’s seven babies, including this new addition.

The as-yet-unnamed saki shares their habitat with two of their siblings: Lilo, born in 2016, and Stitch, born in 2017. The other offspring of Chuckie—who arrived here in 2007—live at other facilities.

The sex of the baby is unknown at this time, as this will be most easily determined by the color and pattern of their fur as an adult. Our newest bundle of joy is out in the saki habitat in La Selva, so keep your eye out for them during your next visit!