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A North Sulawesi babirusa and her two piglets.

Both piglets are doing well so far!

We’re squealing with excitement! Our North Sulawesi babirusa, Piggy, has given birth to twins. Both Mom and the piglets are healthy, and the twins have been observed nursing well.  

“Piggy is showing her fantastic motherly instincts,” noted Lands of Change Area Supervisor Kristen Gagnon.  

A few months from now, they’ll have their neonate exam, when we will be able to learn their sexes, and they’ll be able to meet their future pen pals. Their brothers, Billy and Bob, and father, Meru, will be slowly introduced to the piglets with keeper supervision.  

It will also take some time before they make their way onto their habitat, as they are still not confident on their little legs.  

This birth is a conservation win for the North Sulawesi babirusa species, as they’re considered vulnerable due to human poaching and habitat loss. We’re proud to be adding to this incredibly important species’ population.   

We will keep you updated with more piglet updates as they come.  

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