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baby chimpanzee

Tiki could not be any cuter!

Over the past few months, you read how you helped save turtles in India and bonobos from the bushmeat crisis through our Wildlife Emergency Fund (WEF). By continuing to purchase our collectible animal buttons—which directly supports the WEF—you are now helping chimpanzee baby Tiki get back on his feet.

Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue in Cameroon cares for 76 confiscated chimps that have been orphaned by the illegal wildlife trade. Tiki, who arrived at the rescue in March, was doing well and thriving in his new home until he fell from a tree and fractured his femur on May 24.

Tiki needed a complicated surgery that required the expertise of a human orthopedic surgeon and involved putting a plate on the chimp’s fractured femur.

The rescue applied for a WEF grant, and we were able to send $2,000—approximately one third of the cost of this ordeal—to help fund Tiki’s surgery, radiographs, medications and transportation to and from the surgery location. Our funding not only helped Tiki get the medical care he needed, but also took a financial burden off the rescue so that they can provide the best possible care for their other 75 residents.

You can help chimps like Tiki by donating to the rescue or just spreading the word. Keep collecting those buttons so we can save even more animals in the future!