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Bloodhound puppy

Help decide what we should name one of our bloodhound puppies!

Editor’s Note: Thanks to all who voted! We’re excited to share that our pup’s name is Sarah Jessica Barker. She and her sister are now living in our Barnyard area fulltime.

Our two bloodhound puppies have been at the Zoo for nearly a month now – and we’re calling the new relationship between them and our animal care team “Puppy Love.”

Bloodhound puppyIf you hadn’t heard, these two female pups came to us from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office to be a part of our Barnyard area, show off this breed’s amazing tracking skills, and more. The duo is still acclimating to their new caretakers and the Zoo while undergoing a quarantine period – standard for any new animal resident to ensure no illnesses are introduced to the rest of the Zoo population. We hope to begin introductions to their Barnyard family soon.

In the meantime, we need a name for one of our pups! One is already named Cindy after a beloved Brevard County Sheriff’s Office donor. She has been lovingly nicknamed Cindy “Pawford” by our Animal Ambassador team – inspiring names for her sister from the team as well.

We need your help to choose the perfect name! The options are:

  • Hillary Ruff
  • Lucy Pawless
  • Tyra Barks
  • Sarah Jessica Barker

Our animal care team describes this pup as energetic and brave!

Vote Now

Voting is open until 5 p.m. on February 20. All proceeds will be used to cover the cost of animal care at our Zoo. Your donation will go toward giving animal residents like our two bloodhound puppies and their Barnyard family the best possible veterinary care, fun enrichment, tailored diets and more.

Thank you as always for your continued support! We can’t wait to share the winning name.