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Two white-nosed coati make their way out of a secure carrier

Welcome, Sky and Rita!

Our white-nosed coati band is growing again!

Two female coati (who were born at a private facility in Texas in May) named Sky and Rita have joined the rest of our group, which includes our two older coati residents, Lupita and Katie, and our trio of 1-year-olds, Tito, Agave and Romi.

All our younger coati are founders for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ White-Nosed Coati Species Survival Plan, which is managed by our director of animal programs, Lauren Hinson. SSPs manage the populations of animals within AZA-accredited zoos to ensure healthy, genetically diverse groups.

Agave, who we discovered has a congenital heart defect, will not be a part of the SSP. She was recently spayed to prevent her from passing on this life-threatening condition. We’re dedicated to providing her with the best care possible, and we hope she’ll be a companion for Tito year-round in the future.

While coati are a social species, adult males are more solitary, except for during breeding season. As most of our coati are still young, you’ll likely see Tito with the rest of the coatis for now – but he may be separated from the rest of the females as he matures.

White-nosed coatis are highly adaptable animals that can be found in rainforests, grasslands and deserts ranging from northern South America up to Arizona. Wild populations of this species are decreasing due to large-scale habitat loss and in some areas, hunting.

The introduction process between Sky and Rita and the rest of the troop has begun. Similar to when we introduced our trio to our older coati, there will be a howdy period where all interactions occur with a barrier between them before a monitored in-person meeting.

On your next visit to the Zoo, stop by Rainforest Revealed to see if you can catch Sky and Rita in action! Look for two coatis that are smaller than the rest of the troop.

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