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galah chick feeding

The younger of the two chicks hasn’t opened their eyes yet.

We’re saying g’day to a pair of tiny galahs! The older chick hatched on March 21, and the younger sibling emerged from their egg six days later. They are the first galahs to ever hatch at the Zoo!

The chicks’ parents—17-year-old Elora and 25-year-old Roosevelt—have never had success incubating a clutch on their own, so the eggs were placed in an artificial incubator to increase the odds of hatching. These yet-to-be-sexed youngsters are syringe-fed a specialized parrot formula nine times throughout the day. They are very enthusiastic feeders!

Over the next few weeks, the chicks will change drastically in appearance and size, so make sure you’re following the Zoo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to watch this transformation unfold. Once they’re independent (and feathery) enough to weather life outdoors, we plan to move the chicks to the Lorikeet Landing aviary to live with their parents.

Galahs are members of the cockatoo family native to Australia. They primarily eat seeds, nuts and fruits.