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Petunia (left), Fig and Poppi rest on a perch.

Rainforest Revealed just got a little more colorful. Four macaws have moved into the large aviary that also houses scarlet ibis, roseate spoonbills, red-legged seriemas, capybaras and other Latin American species.

Unlike the macaws you’re used to seeing around the Zoo, these new arrivals have the ability to fly. Blue-and-yellow macaw Petunia and blue-throated macaw Fig are frequently seen soaring from perch to perch in search of food. Blue-and-yellow macaw Poppi, who’s just over a year old, is still figuring out how to use his wings. Major, a military macaw who has been with us since 2016, has also moved into the habitat.

These new additions highlight the role their wild counterparts play in the rainforest ecosystem. By eating fruit and defecating the seeds elsewhere, macaws disperse plant life throughout their range.

Rainforest Revealed continues to undergo exciting changes. Our construction crew is putting the finishing touches on overhead passages that will connect the black howler monkey and white-faced saki habitats to the aviary.