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Which pair of names will you pick?

Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll! The results will be announced soon on social media.

Our two arapaimas are settling into their new home in Rainforest Revealed. There’s only one problem: they don’t have names yet! Help us out by selecting your favorite pair of names below.

Voting closes on Friday, January 17. If you’re struggling to pick the perfect pair of names, visit the arapaimas at the Zoo to get a sense of their personalities.

Arapaimas are the largest fish in the Amazon River Basin, capable of reaching 10 feet in length and exceeding 400 pounds in weight! Fish this size require a lot of oxygen, which is notoriously hard to come by in Amazonian waters, but arapaimas have overcome this obstacle by evolving to breathe air!

The arapaima’s massive size makes it a popular target for fishermen seeking its meat and leather, leading to population declines (and even extinction) in some regions. However, conservationists have had success passing regulations that protect wild fish and developing captive breeding and farming techniques.