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The new habitat of Eko the bobcat in Wild Florida.

One of two habitats that Eko can explore!

Bobcat Eko has made his triumphant return to our Wild Florida loop following the completion of his newly renovated habitat! The 16-year-old feline temporarily moved into a habitat in Rainforest Revealed earlier this year as our construction crew made some awesome updates to his home.

Eko, who has been a Zoo resident since he was just a kitten in 2006, had been living in a Wild Florida space that met his needs, but needed a little TLC.

A sign reading "Bobcat has access"

A tunnel connects Eko’s two habitats.

“As with all habitats at the Zoo, we are always looking for ways to improve welfare for our animals,” said Marc Franzen, Wild Florida Supervisor. “Even more so, we look at how we can make changes for animals as their specific individual needs change over the course of their life at the Zoo with us. We have seen that Eko explores and investigates everything that has been added to his habitat over the years, but due to space limitations, some of the changes we wanted to make were not feasible. By expanding and renovating the existing habitat, we are able to provide more options for Eko to utilize his space.”

Thanks to an anonymous donor, we were able to make that happen for Eko this year! Back in the spring, the bobcat was moved to a “vacation home” near our white-nosed coatis in Rainforest Revealed as our construction crew got to work.

Bobcat Eko sits on a perch in his new habitat.

Checking out his new space!

Move-in day was October 27! Eko got to see and explore his new habitat, which now features two spaces connected by a tunnel system, giving him the ability to choose how to spend his days.

“Platforms and ramps were added to the habitat to allow him to move more easily and gradually from point A to point B. These platforms also give him the opportunity to rest more comfortably on habitat while being more visible to guests,” said Marc.

In addition, Eko’s night house was expanded, which will allow him more space to hang out behind the scenes should he so choose. Let’s be honest – we all need a little “me time” sometimes!

On your next visit to the Zoo, swing by Wild Florida to see if you can spot Eko checking out his new digs!

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