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Our dingo sisters, Sydney and Victoria, were named our cutest pair!

We’ve counted down to the new year with 12 Days of “Zooperlatives!” Each day through Dec. 31, we shared one fun superlative “winner” among our animal residents, as chosen by our staff and volunteers, on social media. Below you’ll find the final list!

Silliest – Goofy the Salmon-crested Cockatoo 

Goofy! His name says it allthis salmon-crested cockatoo is known for his hilarious antics, including dancing, laughing, spinning and chatting with staff, volunteers and guests alike at his habitat in our Lands of Change area.  

Tapir calfCutest Baby of 2021 – Baby Baird’s Tapir 

Nope, that’s not a watermelon on legs! Our male tapir calf is still sporting the speckled coat that helps him hide from would-be predators – but his days of watermelonness are numbered. He continues to grow in size and confidence, and he can be spotted racing throughout the Rainforest Revealed habitat with mom, Mia, not too far behind.  

Most Intelligent – Cheyenne the Florida Black Bear 

Cheyenne the Florida black bear surprises us all with her ability to not just solve her enrichment items, but also think up ways to get to her meal faster. One example: She has learned that dunking feeder balls into her habitat’s pond results in water pushing out her snacks. It’s quicker than simply rolling the balls on the ground! 

Best Clique – Our Meerkat Mob 

Keep our meerkats in mind as you gather with loved ones this holiday season. Talk about a close-knit family! They raise their young, watch for predators and even nap together. Every meerkat in the mob (group) has a clearly defined role, from watching or teaching young ones to acting as a sentry.  

Best Vocal Performer – Pete and Sapphire the Siamangs 

Here our siamangs come a-Caroling! No need to bring our “Best Vocal Performers,” Pete and Sapphire, hot cocoa or cookies for their song – bananas, oranges, grapes or green beans will do.  

Military macawMost holiday spirit – Our Military Macaws  

Merry Christmas, Zoo friends, from all of us at Brevard Zoo—but especially our military macaws! Scratchy and Major wear their holiday pride every day of the year with their bright red and green colors, which makes them our most spirited residents!  

Biggest Attention Seeker – Newman the Southern ground hornbill 

When you share a habitat with the klipspringers, you truly have to do what it takes to get all of the attention on you. Newman the Southern ground hornbill is as needy as he is cute. Known for following his keepers around while they feed the other residents, Newman notoriously will “knock” on the doors underneath the Expedition Africa platform to inform them that he would like snacks. He might be our biggest attention seeker, but rest assured that Newman gets lots of love! 

Most Changed – Mateo the black-handed spider monkey 

When Mateo first joined us in September 2020, the then-baby black-handed spider monkey was shy and withdrawn from the rest of the troop. Mateo had been confiscated at the United States-Mexico border – so he wasn’t really sure how to be a monkey.  

More than a year later, Mateo is a fully integrated member of our troop, and a part of the ongoing introduction of J, another young spider monkey with a similar story. We are so happy to name Mateo as our “Most Changed” animal resident this year.  

Most Likely to Be Late – Our Rhino Crash 

If you weighed thousands of pounds, you might also take your time getting around. Every day, our giraffes, zebra and rhinoceroses move from their barns into either the veldt (the grasslands area visible from our Africa platform) or the rhino yard. Our rhinos are usually a little late to their own party. And by party, we mean their mud pit filled habitat. 

goat lillyBiggest Personality – Lilly the Goat  

The undisputed queen of the Barnyard, Lilly the Nubian goat has a personality that shines. Whether she’s asking for pets, trying to sneak a snack or silently judging from a platform, this goat is sure to leave a lasting impression. Her expressions alone are enough evidence for us. 

Most Talkative – Thor the Hyacinth Macaw 

If you visited the Zoo without talking to Thor, did you actually visit the Zoo? This hyacinth macaw is happy to greet guests with a “Hello!” or a “Hi, Thor!” when they pass his perch. When he’s feeling extra chatty, Thor will yell at passing staff or volunteers to “Get back to work!” 

DingoCutest Pair – Dingos Sydney and Victoria 

Our dingo sister duo finishes off our 12 Days of Zooperlatives on a sweet note. Sydney and Victoria share a special bond that’s evident whenever you’re lucky enough to catch them exploring outside their home behind the scenes!  

We hope you enjoyed our 12 Days of Zooperlatives! We’d love to know – What categories would you like to see next year?