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Boo tongue inspection

We took a good look at Boo’s tongue while she was anesthetized. The average giant anteater tongue is about two feet long!

On Tuesday, 17-year-old female giant anteater Boo was brought to the Harris Animal Care Center for her biennial wellness exam. Nine animal care professionals participated in the procedure, including three veterinarians.

The checkup entailed blood draws for laboratory testing, vaccinations, radiographs, a sonogram and an inspection of overall body condition. Staff monitored Boo’s temperature, heart rate and breathing patterns to ensure she wasn’t having issues with the anesthesia.


Claw covers

Cute shoes, Boo!

Giant anteaters have notoriously sharp foreclaws that can tear through termite mounds with a simple flick of the wrist. To protect our staff and equipment from getting scratched, Boo was given “shoes” made from medical gauze.

Most exams end with a dental cleaning, but that wasn’t necessary for Boo because anteaters don’t have teeth!

The procedure lasted about two hours. We found no concerns with Boo’s health, and she recovered from anesthesia without issue. Be sure to visit Boo and male giant anteater Abner in their new home when Rainforest Revealed opens this November!