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Indian flapshell turtle

Little guys like this Indian flapshell turtle are being rescued by Turtle Survival Alliance. Photo by David V. Raju.

An ongoing crisis in India has left an abundance of confiscated turtles in need of help. So far this year, nearly 9,000 turtles have been rescued from wildlife traffickers in the country. Many of these turtles, like the Indian flapshell, are being trafficked for food or traditional medicine. Others are bound for the pet trade.

Lucky for these little guys, Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) is dedicated to the conservation of turtles in danger, and has taken in these thousands of confiscated reptiles. Unfortunately, this extreme quantity of turtles had exhausted TSA’s resources, and they reached out to us for help.

Through the Wildlife Emergency Fund, which is financed by the collectible animal buttons sold by volunteers throughout the Zoo, we were able to send some money to TSA for veterinary staff, rescue team transportation, Forest Department training and food and medication for the turtles.

The Emergency Fund is really a labor of love as it is our volunteers who hand-make buttons, which are sold in various locations around the Zoo, and help raise the dollars that we are able to contribute. It is intended for short-term emergency action, and through it, we can make a difference for animals around the world that need our help.

You can aid these rescued turtles by making a donation to TSA or simply spreading the word. Keep buying those buttons so that we can save even more animals in the future!