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Bigfoot-themed camper

You don’t want to miss this limited-time event!

Are you a believer in Bigfoot? Do you look up at the night sky and wonder what else exists in our universe? Or do you simply believe that research can improve our knowledge and conservation efforts of all creatures?

Join the believers at the Brevard Zoo as we host the Bigfoot Discovery Tour, officially starting February 12, a chance to check out the camping space rumored to be Bigfoot’s home away from home in our Wild Florida loop! In honor of Sasquatch. We’ll also be hosting fun educational activities all about mythical animals!

Rack of Bigfoot-themed t-shirts.

There will be plenty of Bigfoot-themed merch available.

This Cryptozoology Experience is a Zoo-wide adventure to embrace the mystery of cryptids, animals whose existence or survival has yet to be proven by Western scientists. Cryptids around the world like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti have attracted curious researchers throughout history.

These mysterious monsters are important to investigate because through research, we have brought species back from the verge of extinction, discovered the astonishing cognitive abilities of animals, and even proven the existence of animals once thought to be cryptids (like mountain gorillas and Komodo dragons).

If you want to join the ranks of cryptozoologists, you can visit the Zoo anytime from February 9 to March 31 to research and explore the wild world of cryptids. Signage throughout the Zoo will guide you on topics such as rumored cryptids, researching cryptids, and how cryptids can help conservation.

Continue your cryptid experience with our family event, Breakfast with Bigfoot. Participants will gain survival skills including scat identification, tracking, knot tying and more as they search for Sasquatch.

Become an official Junior Cryptozoologist and earn your patch by participating in our Bigfoot Biologist Field Course. Bigfoot needs your help searching for cryptids! Become an entrusted conservationist as you reunite Bigfoot with friends. You can pick up the activity guide at the Front Plaza. This experience is $5 for five participants, including one Jr. Cryptozoologist patch – and $3 per additional patch.

Don’t want to do an additional event? No problem! Besides being able to check out Bigfoot’s “campsite” in Wild Florida, you will also be able to attend a free chat at our Lands of Change theater Saturdays at 10 a.m. You can learn about the importance of research when it comes to discovering cryptids!

Whether you stop by Bigfoot’s campsite or stroll along the Zoo, we hope you can embrace cryptids and work to conserve them and their scientifically proven cousins!

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