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annulated tree boa

The male annulated tree boa explores a branch.

Rainforest Revealed continues to grow with the debut of two annulated tree boas, a new species to the Zoo!

This brother-sister pair arrived earlier this fall from Zoo Miami. They are seven years old.

These snakes are famous for the ringlike pattern that traverses either side of the body, and each individual’s pattern is unique. Our male is primarily brown-gray in color, while our female has bright orange spots inside her rings.

Like many snakes, annulated tree boas are livebearers, meaning they hatch out of their eggs while still inside their mother’s body, emerging as tiny, fully formed snakes.

As their name suggests, these snakes spend much of their lives in the trees. However, they’ll periodically venture down to the ground in search of rodents to eat.

Annulated tree boas are found throughout the rainforests of Central America, ecosystems that are threatened by ever-encroaching human development. You can help these snakes and other rainforest-dwellers by purchasing sustainable products such as bird-friendly coffee.