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Black rhino immobilization

The field operations team monitors an immobilized black rhino calf—a critical step in an anti-poaching effort. Photo by wildlife veterinarian Dr. Chris Foggin.

One of the organizations we funded in 2019 through our Quarters for Conservation (Q4C) initiative was Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust (VFWT), which is dedicated to increasing the rhino population in Zimbabwe.

Thanks to the $7,200 you helped us raise for them through visiting the Zoo, VFWT was recently able to complete two vital anti-poaching missions. The first was the immobilization of 14 critically endangered black rhino calves for ear tagging, microchipping and DNA collection.

VFWT also removed wire snares from two white rhinos and collected hair, tissue and blood samples from these animals for health analysis and DNA banking. The collection of DNA is critical to the management of these species as it allows for the assessment of genetic diversity in isolated populations. The Q4C grant covered all veterinary, forensic and transportation costs associated with these missions.

Q4C is funded by income from guest admission and membership sales, which have been restricted due to the ongoing pandemic. You are instrumental in helping us fund critically important projects like this one, whether it’s by purchasing a membership, visiting the Zoo or simply spreading the word.