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Ready to hit the reef! Photo courtesy of Reef Check Malaysia.

We have received an exciting update from Reef Check Malaysia (RCM), one of our three current Quarters for Conservation (Q4C) partners.

Last month, RCM used some of its Q4C grant money to completely fund a three-day advanced dive training program for Hazim, Syukran, Suhaimi, Hasnieza and Rasidah—five young conservationists living on Tioman Island, which is located off the east coast of the Malay Peninsula.

This group will use their newly developed skills to help RCM carry out its work in Tioman Island’s waters. This may include the installation of mooring buoys (reducing the need for boats to anchor to a reef and damage coral) and the removal of the coral-eating crown-of-thorns sea stars.

RMC has had a presence on Tioman Island since 2013 through a program called Cintai Tioman, which translates to “love Tioman.” Follow their Facebook page to see lots of beautiful photos and videos of their work!

Q4C is funded with 25 cents from each Zoo admission and five dollars from each membership. We had originally planned to send $14,000 to all three of our current Q4C partners this year, but decreased attendance and revenue stemming from the pandemic forced us to cut that figure in half. However, we remain committed to these critically important conservation organizations and their projects, and we will continue to support them in 2021.