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Lilly the red kangaroo is anything but camera shy!

What’s in a name? For some of us, it’s a grandparent; for others, it’s a television show character. But we all have one thing in common: we didn’t get to choose our names. It’s the same for our furry, scaly and feathered friends.

With over 900 animals living at the Zoo, it’s inevitable that there is some overlap with names, especially considering that not all residents were born here and named by our staff. As it happens, four of our magnificent creatures go by the name “Lilly.”



Lilly the chinchilla was donated to us back in 2011 at just 10 weeks of age. She is now approximately seven years old and lives in the Wildlife Detective Training Academy—our indoor play space in the Paws On loop.




Lilly the American crocodile, who arrived here from a private facility in 1994 as one of the Zoo’s original residents, is approximately 32 years old. This Lilly lives in Wild Florida and enjoys sunbathing during her free time.




Lilly the Nubian goat was born on April 2, 2018 in Monticello. This tan-and-white goat originally made her appearance at Butterflies and the magic of Nature with her black-and-white counterpart Violet. Lilly now resides in the Petting Zone in Paws On.



Lilly the red kangaroo is the only of the bunch to have been born (or hatched) here at the Zoo. At just a few months of age, this Lilly was found by keepers on the floor of the kangaroo barn after her mother was thought to have ejected her from the pouch due to stress from a storm. After several unsuccessful attempts to reunite the two, the decision was made to hand-raise the joey. She received top-notch care from our animal care staff and is now living life to the fullest with the rest of her mob. You can usually find this Lilly taking a nap in the walking path of the Kangaroo Walkabout in Lands of Change: Australia and Beyond.


On your next visit, see if you can spot all four “Lilly”s around the Zoo!