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two siamangs hanging from rope

We’re happy to report that siamangs Sapphire and Pete will be back on their island soon.

We’re so happy to share that our 43-year-old siamang, Sapphire, is recovering well following an exploratory surgery.  

Sapphire underwent this surgery recently after her animal care team noticed that she was experiencing more frequent and severe episodes of pain, lethargy and lack of appetite. A CT scan performed prior to surgery revealed an abnormal uterus was the likely cause of pain.   

During the recent surgery, our veterinary staff performed a hysterectomy after finding that Sapphire’s uterus had significant abnormalities. They were assisted in this surgery by Dr. Jeffrey Christiansen of Superior Veterinary Surgical Solutions and Animal Specialty and Emergency Hospital in Rockledge 

Biopsy results of these abnormalities confirmed that they were caused by endometriosis, a disorder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus. This surgery should relieve Sapphire of this disorder and its symptoms.  

Sapphire recovered well from her surgery with her companion Pete in our hospital. While Pete is not ill, the pair are very attached, and our animal care team felt they should not be separated. Pete did undergo a routine check-up during his stay, and our veterinary team found that he is healthy.  

Our animal care team will continue to keep an eye on Sapphire with the hope the pair will return to their island soon. Because Sapphire and 44-year-old Pete are considered geriatric, their quality of life will continue to be monitored once they return.  

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