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Giraffe calf

It’s another boy!

On September 27—just days before T-Bone’s death—17-year-old Masai giraffe Milenna gave birth to her fifth offspring. Upon delivery, the as-yet-unnamed newborn stood five feet eight inches tall and weighed 140 pounds. A neonatal exam confirmed the calf is a healthy male.

Like the dozen giraffe born at the Zoo before him, the calf was sired by 21-year-old Rafiki. He is the fifth consecutive male giraffe born here.

The little one recently made his public debut, and he will likely be out for just a few hours each day as he acclimates to the yard.

Habitat loss, poaching, disease and civil unrest pose the most significant threats to wild giraffe. You can do your part for these gentle giants at the Quarters for Conservation (Q4C) kiosk by “voting” Elephant Connection Research Project; this organization will use its Q4C funds to track giraffe in Zambia and, hopefully, secure more wildlife corridors for the species.